Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

What to expect at assessment

A comprehensive adult ASD assessment will include:

A clinical interview - this will involve being asked questions about your developmental history when you were a child and how you perceive your current presentation. You will also be asked to complete ASD screening questionnaires.

ADOS assessment - this is a specialist 'gold standard' diagnostic assessment carried out individually with you to consider your presentation against the criteria for an ASD diagnosis.

Multi-disciplinary clinical discussion - Once all the information has been gathered relevant to your ASD assessment, I will evaluate the information  with a consulting clinician who also specialises in this area to consider if a final ASD diagnosis is appropriate.

Comprehensive report and feedback - A full detailed report will then be written summarising the information gathered and the diagnostic outcome of the assessment. This will also include recommendations and helpful sources. This report will be discussed with you in a feedback session.